Our Team

Collectively, our staff and consultants have over fifty years of experience counseling international students in the United States.  Our team reflects our identity and what we hold to be important, namely education, a global perspective and above all, a commitment to the support, growth and development of our students.


John E. Mazza is the President of Campus Bridge. He earned his BA as an undergraduate at Harvard University and also holds an M.Ed. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Having served as a private school Director of Admissions and Director of Communications, Mr. Mazza brings extensive experience in American education to Campus Bridge.  As a long-time international student advisor at the high school level, Mr. Mazza has counseled international students in American schools since 2006.  During that time he has assisted students in adjusting to American culture, adapting to school life and in applying successfully to some of the top colleges and universities in the United States.   A strong believer in the value of international education and immersion, Mr. Mazza has worked and traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe.  Mr. Mazza regularly features as a guest lecturer on the subject of American education and has addressed school officials, teachers, parents, students, and education agents in over 30 cities and schools in China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. In addition to working with Campus Bridge students, Mr. Mazza also mentors international undergraduate students at Harvard University. In 2014, Mr. Mazza received a Leadership in Education Award from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Senlin Zhang, Vice President of Campus Bridge, is very familiar with the benefits of global education. As someone who has vast experience studying in both China and the United States, he is able to relate effectively with international students as they make the adjustment to the American education system. As an educator, he has taught mathematics to students abroad; as an innovator, he has been an owner and Chief Operating Officer of an IT company.  Mr. Zhang holds dual master degrees from both Chinese and American universities and his passion for education has been passed on to his own children, the eldest of whom recently graduated from The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. He and his family reside on the outskirts of Boston in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Mr. Zhang speaks Chinese and English fluently and serves as the Campus Bridge Vice President for Business Development in China.



Elizabeth Robbins Photo Ms. Elizabeth Robbins is the Program Manager for the Signet-Campus Bridge Pre-College Advising Program. She is passionate about international education and has both an academic and professional background in international affairs and higher education. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from Boston College and her Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies and International Affairs from Georgetown University. Elizabeth has worked in admissions, career services and program management rolls at top universities with both undergraduate and graduate students. She brings both her knowledge of American universities and an international perspective to her work with our students.


Mr. Jiovani del Toro Robles is currently Head Teacher at Campus Bridge. He graduated from Wesleyan University with a triple major in Film Studies, Theatre, and Dance, and has received TEFL certification through Kaplan University. He has taught ESL courses to students from South America, Africa and Europe. In the classroom he utilizes his background in the arts to provide a contemporary, interactive method of teaching English as a foreign language. As an educator in China, he focuses on building oral and written skills through courses such as “The Essay” and “Public Speaking,” which emphasize the students’ ability to critically analyze English literature and present research to a larger audience. Students then put those skills together and participate in a “Debate” course and, in groups, present researched topics before judges. Jiovani’s initial interest in international education stemmed from his high school study of Chinese language and culture, which allowed him to spend time studying abroad in a Beijing high school.


Jose Vizoso Professional Photo

Mr. José Vizoso, European Program Advisor, is a native of La Coruña, Spain. Mr. Vizoso’s work is at the crossroads of education and international experience. He is a former high school mathematics teacher in Spain and has led several groups of students on Study Abroad programs in the United States, Spain, the UK and Ireland.  Much of his energy focuses on the coordination of exchange programs and cultivation of partnerships between like-minded high schools in the United States and Spain. Mr. Vizoso holds a BA from the University of Vigo and a Masters from the University of La Coruña.