The Campus Bridge High School Program

At Campus Bridge, we endeavor to bring the best out of the students in our care.  Our experience has shown us that the best way for an international student to realize the dream of a top university is to attend an American high school.   With the advantage of an authentic American high school experience, Campus Bridge students evolve into compelling college admissions candidates prepared to excel in higher education.

By all accounts, the Campus Bridge experience is transformative.  Through the support of our partner high schools, our host families and our Campus Bridge advisors, our students develop the Englishkills and proficiency to tackle rigorous academic programs.  They develop a familiarity and comfort with American culture and values while also enriching their school communities and homestay families by sharing the customs and traditions of their homeland.  They develop the leadership skills necessary to start after-school clubs, play on sports teams and shine in extracurricular arenas such as music, the arts and debate.  And they graduate from outstanding American high schools, not just with a diploma, but with the skills and confidence necessary to succeed at the best colleges and universities America has to offer.