Campus Bridge Student Advisors

Campus Bridge students succeed in American schools through a combination of hard work and unwavering support. Each one of our students is assigned a Student Advisor, who serves as the student’s counselor and advocate in the United States. Our advisors are experienced education professionals, many of whom have Ivy League backgrounds and work in Campus Bridge partner schools. From the first day of school to the graduation ceremony, Campus Bridge Advisors guide our students on every step of their American journey.

Upon arrival in the American school, the advisor ensures students adjust properly and settle into their new community. They use their expertise to counsel students as they navigate the American school system and assist them as they aspire to take Honors and AP courses. They provide our students with the direction they need to participate in extracurricular activities and instill in our students the confidence necessary to develop leadership abilities. As our students approach high school graduation, their Campus Bridge Advisors, along with their high school counselors, provide vital guidance and strategy for the college admission process, including choosing the best schools to apply to, getting the bright recommendations, and preparing a strong application. With the encouragement and dedication of their advisors, Campus Bridge students are at a distinct advantage when they apply to America’s finest colleges and universities.