Campus Bridge-Signet Education Pre-College Advising Program 

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Signet Round Table

Adjusting to high school life in the US is not an easy task for international students. At Campus Bridge, we have a unique understanding of what it takes for our students not only to make a smooth transition to their American schools, but to excel in their new learning environment. To best serve the needs of our students, we have established a cooperation with Signet Education of Cambridge, MA.  Signet was founded by Harvard College alumni a decade ago and has since built a reputation for excellence through the dedicated work of world-class tutors and coaches. Signet’s student-centered philosophy is aimed at inspiring love of learning, genuine academic growth, and holistic success in the lives of their students.

The program revolves around small group meetings that are targeted towards the needs of our students. Signet’s world-class coaches lead each group and follow customized lesson plans by grade level. The focus for our younger students is on transition and adjustment to the American high school system. As students progress, the goals are geared towards academic achievement, community involvement, and college preparation. We encourage our students to challenge themselves, try new things, and explore opportunities for self-development and reflection. This program is yet another layer of support that enables our students to grow and find success in their American schools.