American Host Families

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my student to arrive?

Most students begin their study in the fall semester and, therefore, arrive in either the final week of August or first week of semester.

Who will act as the student’s guardian?

Though homestay parents play an essential role in an international student’s life, Campus Bridge assumes the responsibility of legal guardian for your student.

Will the student heave health insurance?

Yes, all students will have health insurance coverage.

As a host family, what are our main responsibilities? 

We ask the following of our host families:

  • To provide a warm, safe and supportive living environment
  • If possible, to provide transportation (or suitable public transportation) to and from school
  • To provide breakfast and dinner on school days, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends
  • To provide a comfortable bedroom with ample closet space and a desk for studying
  • To keep open lines of communication with our support team and to keep us informed of how the student is doing
  • To welcome our students into your homes and your hearts

What is the process for becoming a host family? 

All host families will fill out an application form, meet our Homestay Coordinator for an interview (to be conducted in your home), and undergo a background check.

Will I receive any information about the student before the start of the school year? 

Yes, Campus Bridge provides all new host families with student profiles prior to their arrival.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a host family. For more information, call our Homestay Coordinator at 617-293-7386 or email us at with any questions. 

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