American Partner Schools

What kind of Partner School is Campus Bridge looking for?

 The ideal Campus Bridge Partner School will possess all of the following characteristics and qualities:

  • A fully accredited, college preparatory program whose campus is located in a safe, welcoming area that offers many cultural activities and attractions for international students to enjoy.
  • A rigorous academic program with a strong track-record for outstanding college placement
  • An academic environment that is committed to exploring the potential of creating a global educational program for its American and international students.
  • A commitment to providing a full range of high-quality student support services.
  • A dedicated international student advisor with a record of consistently providing strong student support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we become a Campus Bridge Partner School?

We welcome your interest and look forward to cooperating with you. Please email us at or call 617-902-0416 to learn more. We have a number of opportunities for cooperation, including international student placement and short-term exchange programs with high schools in Europe.

How do students gain admission to Campus Bridge programs?

The Campus Bridge admission process is comprehensive.  Students submit applications, transcripts, teacher recommendations and results of an English language proficiency exam (ELTiS, SLEP or TOEFL).  Campus Bridge advisors then conduct interviews with all candidates in English and submit a complete application to the cooperating school.

What is the school’s responsibility in the admission process?

Campus Bridge aims to simplify and streamline the international student admission process for our partner schools.  After compiling all the pieces of the student application, Campus Bridge will submit the materials to the school admissions office for review. The final decision on each candidate is made by the school.  If the student is accepted, the school creates the I-20 document for the student through a SEVIS account.  The I-20 is the supporting document the student will present during his/her visa interview.

How can we be sure the student will have insurance and the proper medical records and vaccinations?

We work together with the student’s family in order to organize and compile all appropriate health and vaccination records prior to the student’s arrival in the United States.  We also assist the student in obtaining a certified health insurance plan.

What if the student needs additional academic and English support?

It is fairly common that international students will need additional support – especially in their first semester – to supplement their regular course of study.  In this case, the school may request that the student receive tutoring lessons outside of school hours.  Campus Bridge will assist the student in arranging these services.